We continue to monitor the impact of the current pandemic on our patients, and adapt in line with daily advice from Health authorities. For general information on containing the virus, please read this information sheet.


We ask our patients to follow hygiene procedures as outlined. Hand sanitisers are available on arrival, and should be used by all our patients. Our waiting room is spacious and we make sure patients are as far apart as possible; nevertheless we try to keep very much to time, and there are therefore usually few patients in the waiting area. We have made changes to our infusion room procedures to provide the safest possible environment for our patients. If there is any chance you believe you may be infected with COVID-19, please call us immediately to discuss options. Do not come to the clinic until appropriate arrangements can be made. We can arrange rapid, drive-through testing should this be required.


Patients who have immunodeficiency conditions, or who are on immunosuppressive medication, should first read this advice from the Immunology Society. It is reasonable to assume that immunocompromised patients will have a higher risk of developing complications from COVID-19 infection, and my advice is to be very careful to minimise contact with potentially infectious sources where possible; for this purpose, you should assume that recommendations for the elderly/nursing home residents are most appropriate for you. Patients on IVIg must continue on this treatment.


Note that Telehealth and Telephone consultations can be arranged if preferred. You can discuss this with the Practice Manager (see Contact).


David Fulcher